Project Assembly

The ACT project consists of four core work groups: Data Harmonization, Technology, Regulatory, and Governance. Each work group is an integral part of the ACT project. Each work group has separate goals and milestone they have to achieve in order to help the ACT project succeed. Each work group though separate, works in tandem for the end goal of the ACT project.

Data Harmonization: The Data Harmonization work group is responsible for identifying data elements that are to be sequentially harmonized using a common ontology, which were determined by consensus. The group is also responsible for maintaining and overseeing future releases of the network ontology.

Technical: The Technical work group is responsible for identifying technical needs, including those related to central informatics platforms and implementation issues at the sites.

Regulatory: The Regulatory work group was initially responsible for identifying a common regulatory approach to enable compliant access of EHRs from within and across the sites for the purpose of identifying de-identified patient cohorts. This work group also plans to identify and develop strategic approaches to regulatory issues related to contacting identified patients for trials in Stage II.

Governance: The Governance work group defined processes used to make key decisions on how ACT operates, accomplish strategic goals, and optimally deploy resources. The purpose of governance is to support ACT as it works to achieve its goals and aims. ACT governance attempts to strike a balance between ensuring an equitable decision making process that facilitates consensus seeking while minimizing unnecessary bureaucracy.