The ACT project consists of the Executive Committee, Principal Investigators, Work Group Leads, Site Project Managers, and an overall Project Manager for the ACT project.

Executive Committee: The Executive Committee is formed by the Principal Investigator (PI) leads, Work Groups Leads (Governance, Regulatory, Technology and Data Harmonization) and a member of NCATS leadership. The goal of this committee is to make most or all decisions by consensus and/or voting for the ACT project. The committee decides on the priorities and deliverables for each ACT Work Group. An NCATS ACT principal investigator will be appointed to serve as the committee chairman. The committee will be chaired by a PI member and will individual members will serve rotating 1-year terms. If an individual is unable to serve, a new member will be appointed by the PI group.

Principal Investigators: The Principal Investigators (PI) leadership team is responsible for the strategic goals, benchmarks, metrics, and timely implementation of Stage I. They work together with the CTSA Network leads and teams to make decisions and mid-course corrections.

Work Group Leads: There are four work group leads responsible for one of the core features of the ACT project. The work group leads hold the responsibility of scheduling work group meetings, recording the completion of milestones and facilitating face-to-face quarterly meetings to ensure integration, collaboration, and meeting benchmarks.

Site Project Managers: The responsibility of the site project managers is to track their individual site’s progress, status, record milestones, and report risk/issues. The site project manager report to the overall ACT Project Manager.

ACT Project Manager: The ACT Project Manager is the single point of contact of information for the ACT project. Their responsibility is to manage all communication and reporting across the ACT project as well as deploy a consistent set of tools and processes to assist the individual site implementations to ensure success. The project manager also encourages collaboration, best practices and information sharing across sites. The ACT Project Manager also participates on the Executive Committee as a non-voting member.