Getting Started

To participate in the ACT project, you must meet the following requirements:

  • ACT Network Sites hold active NCATS-funded CTSAs.
  • Support and commitment from institutional leadership to achieve the goals of the ACT project,
  • Installation of i2b2 and SHRINE software, • Performance of regular updates from the site EHR to the site i2b2,
  • Dedicated informatics staff to support software and informatics systems and upgrades,
  • Previous experience participating in networks will also facilitate participation in ACT.
  • The ACT Network Site CTSA PI will nominate a faculty representative to lead the ACT project locally, who will have the authority and resources to appoint faculty and staff to participate in working groups and serve on committees. These representatives will possess appropriate experience, authority, and knowledge to assist in establishing best practices.
  • Conduct example queries as needed to demonstrate the functionality of the ACT Network and will provide aggregate counts of patients meeting designated criteria.
  • ACT Network Sites will only provide a summary data count in response to a query in the Stage 1 of the ACT project.
  • Once an ACT Network Site’s institutional leadership has provided approval of the ACT Network Site Agreement, ACT Network Sites will work with the ACT Executive Committee to further develop the technology and gain institutional approvals needed to identify, contact, and accrue patients to clinical trials in Stage 2 of the project.
  • ACT Network Sites agree to participate in a governance structure that will work collaboratively to develop and adopt policies and procedures for data harmonization, query access, data privacy, communications and dissemination of results, attribution, and management of Conflicts of Interest.
  • ACT Network Sites will secure appropriate institutional approval for the sharing of clinical data for research purpose, including approval (if granted) to publish patient counts identified as originating from their institution. (For more information regarding the eligibility requirements please contact Vince D’Itri, [email protected])